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This may be a bit extreme, however it is the only view I have left. I am a hispanic male living in a scene completely flooded by superficial views and an empty lifestyle. I made the decision to attend Ohio State thinking that the 50,000+ population would allow me to meet all kinds of people and eventually lead me to find some kind of comfortable niche. However, that isn't the case at all. I feel as though I am trapped among people that will never be able to understand me because of my background. Essentially, I am a first generation, born in the US, alternative kid with no outlet for discussion or understanding. Not to sound lame, but I had no idea that there was an entire sub culture based on assimilated hispanics who maintain their heritage despite their alternative lifestyles. I crave so badly to find people with whom I can relate so that I may find some sort of sanity or justification for the way I am. Thus, I reach out to you my fellow livejournal users. I hope this was not in vain.


Alex Rosa
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