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so are we interested in reviving this comm or what?

90's punk revival band pennywise is touring--when they hit my neck of the woods, they'll have authority zero, one win choice, and strung out opening for them. i offered up a quick mp3 mixtape of the various bands here.

hopefully i'll make the show on friday. how about you guys? anybody planning on checking out any shows this summer? if you do go to shows, what's your all time favorite show or favorite venue?

at the moment my personal favorite venue is the starland ballroom (dropkick and the bosstones are playing there in july, that's going to be CRAZY), but i still have fond memories of philly's trocadaro.

as far as favorite shows in recent memory goes, i'm having trouble deciding; i think i'll have to go with rise against, in support of their last album. that was a damn good show. i was completely soaked, and i had no voice for the next two days. =p
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