_darkvictory (_darkvictory) wrote in shadesofstrange,

Giant Space Chicken (this is not spam)

On Thursday, August 9th, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (11513 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood), will feature Hugo Award winning artist Frank Wu hosting a screening of the director’s cut of his short film “Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken”. You may have seen the film on YouTube. Here's a chance to catch it on the big screen at LASFS followed by a conversation with Frank. Also on the bill will be Danielle Stallings presenting her short film, “Haunted Planet”, which has screened at the London International of Science Fiction and Fantastic Films, the Maryland Film Festival, and the Science Fiction Short Film Festival at the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

The films will be screened after the regular meeting of the LASFS, which starts at 8pm (or thereabouts), which would put the screening at about 9pm. For information about the club, directions to the clubhouse, and other esoterica, check the LASFS website or LJ community.
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