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::sigh of relief::

Thank God! I was starting to think I was the only one. I can breath now. I'm not surrounded by white people. Not that I have problem with them or anything it's just nice to be around your own kind sometimes. I mean I have this friend who's mixed(or so she says), but she doesn't really own up to it, you know? She doesn't even have any black friends except for me and this other girl who's also my friend. She says she likes black people and she respects them and all, but I don't think she even wants anything to do with the black community period. She's pretty much just a white girl with a little color and puffy hair. She's only "mixed" when someone offends her or when the subject of race or racial profiling is brought up. I don't mean to vent about the wrong thing if this is the wrong place. I'm just feeling a little betrayed. I'm thinking I had someone to relate to on a certain level and I don't. So I came here.
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